Thread for having the social board make decisions for you


Here is me doing Push It by Salt N Pepa at karaoke as a result of this thread, slowly realising that I don’t know any of the words other than “Ah, push it”


Am I voting? I think somebody is pretending to be me!


@infinite_jest has a similar profile pic I think


Well this has been a total clusterfuck eh




Do I want to back this? People are saying it’s like Shadow of the Colossus in board game form.

  • Yes
  • No
  • I have literally never cared less about something in my entire life

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Board games are fun! Have no idea what Shadow of the Colossus is, though.


I don’t understand how it’s still over a year away from shipping when:

“Skulk Hollow” is well-tested and balanced. The graphic design is complete and the card art is final. Box and instructions are near final and we have been working closely with our printer.


Kickstarter board games just seem a pointless waste of everyone’s time and cash. If it’s any good, I’ll buy it when Fantasy Flight publish it (or whatever). Just sell me a finished one if it’s at the print stage.


Huge lead times on component manufacture out of China, usually.


That must be why 7 Wonders Armada has been delayed by a couple of months.


Sometimes the shipping boats get delayed in customs for months at a time too.


Well I forgot to in the end, so I shall not be respecting the poll.


I’m paralysed by indecision. Should I:

  • Carry on with Dark Souls and venture into Blighttown
  • Sack off Dark Souls for now and buy Pokemon Let’s Go
  • Be productive and work on some new tracks for Dis State album #2
  • Be productive and work on my live set for the Dis State show

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Blighttown > Pokémens


and to think customs always gets a BAD rep?!




Thank you everyone, I am now a step closer to being prepared for the show.


Work xmas party

  • Don’t go. You don’t like wearing a suit, making small talk or dancing.
  • Do go. Your social anxiety will only get worse if you don’t force yourself to do these things and it’ll look bad if you don’t go.

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I’ve just finished a 13 hour shift and I have another one tomorrow but I have a lot of nervous energy still. Should I:

  • Go on a cheeky 5km bike ride to burn some extra carbs and put myself well on the route to becoming HENCH
  • Have a bath, do some sewing and chill balls

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