Thread for having the social board make decisions for you


The fuck do that lot know J_i the whole point of making some twat sauce Is so you can say said twat sauces name as many times as possible to the absolute annoyance of the person your cooking up the twat sauce for.
It’s basic science


Got it, sea bass in a chive twat sauce it is.


Go mental in Azerbaijan > go mental in Hoxton


I think I like a happy mixture of the two.


Save it! Every time I’ve abstained from spunking money up the wall in favour of something proper it has always been worth it. Besides, you can spunk cash up the wall on holiday.


Mmm, true.


or as far as away from both as possible. I might paint my walls black and hang upside-down crosses on the walls


obviously you should save it, but I can’t stop the blowouts so just being realistic.


Heres something to stick on your vision board -


I’m quite obviously looking for some enablement here ffs


big bag o drugs and 30 lagers it is.


what sort of lagers should i get on the way home (these are the only options, this is the shite they sell here)

  • kronenbourg (red can)
  • kronenbourg 1664
  • heineken
  • pelforth
  • supermarket own brand
  • “33”

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Some sort of own brand Continental Style Lager (Brewed in Scotland) should do the trick


Own brand supermarket looks like this if it makes any difference


Ooft, I’m changing my vote.


buy a nice bike


at least with the own brand you know you bought it because it was cheap. the others you’re just sat drinking shite beer.


Pelforth is the correct answer here btw guys (hint)


I can’t fit my family and luggage on a bike.


Tell them to lose a bit of weight