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  • Burritos
  • Curry

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No stella?


nope :frowning:


We had stir fry. Sorry everyone!




Should I buy an effects pedal that I really want, but probably wont use much, and definitely don’t need, with money that I have, but should really shouldn’t be spent on things I don’t need?

  • Yeah!!! Woooshhhhh!!!
  • No - be sensible
  • Shut up chris

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should i order a curry tomorrow

  • yes
  • yes!

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Should I buy this coat? Answer quickly.



you don’t appear to be taking the situation too seriously either.


Shop person made me chuckle

Ta though


not really a fan of that style of coat in general though.

prefer these

because I’m from Surrey.


Doesn’t look very technical


My technical jacket needs are well covered, m7.

Need a winter coat and can’t find anything I like.


I’m after one of these

I need another £209.95


someone please tell me I can take a break from this track and finish it tomorrow!


I like it


i think you have to be a farmer to wear one of those


bam, take the rest of the day off (tomorrow is saturday so you should probably take that off as well, really)



cheers man! I’ve made good progress this afternoon but it’s starting to frustrate me now so not the best time to add more layers/be creative.

Will have a look in tomorrow and see how I feel.



I had a curry and it was lovely, thanks guys