Thread for having the social board make decisions for you


you made the right choice


want a cup of tea but can’t really be arsed to make one

  • make a cup of tea
  • don’t

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  • Yeah it’s alright but you’re pretty skint this month
  • It’s ming but it doesn’t matter since you’re pretty skint this month
  • It’s really nice, why don’t you steal some money and get it

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Thanks guys!!


Shame about the choice of biscuits




Choose my takeaway, DiS!

  • Indian
  • Thai
  • Fish and Chips
  • Chinese

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Indian. Always Indian.

Could do a curry 3 times a day, 365 days a year.


Anyone not choosing fish and chips on a Friday is only in it for the indie points.


not all of us are into your weird christian traditions maaaaan


+50 indie points. Nice work!


Thanks everyone. Curry it is.


Page 13, section 4.4

Do you think the knob it says to turn at step three is the thing with the arrow under it in the diagram, or the thing that looks like a knob on the right

  • Former
  • Later

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something wrong with your poll, can’t seem to choose pizza.


I didn’t fancy pizza tonight


Seems you were right…


Ordered! Cheers dudes! :grinning:


I’ve seen a coffee table I like on gumtree. I’m worried it will sell and the guy said he can deliver today. My wife hates everything I buy/my taste so should really check with her before to get the ok but she hasn’t replied for a few hours

  • Just get it, she will LOVE it and be happy you went ahead!!
  • You can’t just buy furniture without agreeing with your partner first, because, democracy, who does that?

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Thanks all! Still hadn’t heard from the missus, so went ahead and he is delivering at 5:30pm. Excited!


Gonna be great when he delivers it at the exact same time as your wife gets home from work and says she hates it.