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  • make another pot of coffee
  • don’t

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“the woman shouting at me from the car? No, I have no idea who that is, please, take it inside…quickly…quickly,take it inside!!”


My girlfriend and I have been trying to buy a house for 2 years. We’ve had 3 chains collapse now - once when we were 3 days away from completion. We don’t currently live together and it’s a pain in the arse.

It’s been hard finding nice places in areas we want to live. All estate agents are telling us that Brexit and low interest rates means it’s slow (thanks again, Dad). Back in February, we had an offer accepted on a place we really love. We ended up in a bit of a bidding war and ended up offering about 5k over the asking price.

We have no chain below us so we’re good to go.

Our vendors have been looking for somewhere since then and we’ve had one chain collapse. This week, they’ve found somewhere else they like but can’t afford - so they’ve asked if we can pay an extra 10k for their place.
This isn’t London, so 10k is a lot.

  • Just stump up the money and get yourselves moved. It’s more important to get moved to a place you love.
  • They’re taking the piss, let them put the extra 10k on their mortgage or find somewhere else

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Oh mate this sounds horrible. I’m still aghast at how genuinely horrendous the whole process is and how there’s nothing in place to prevent things like this happening. Absolutely fuck those guys asking you to stump up more.


Yeah, we’re 90% sure we’re telling them to sod off, but we’re just so sick of the process and want to get moved.

If this chain collapses, it’s not like we can say “well, let’s go back to the original offer then” is it.

They can get fucked.


You: Hello shopkeep, i’d like to buy this chocolate bar, advertised at 50p

shopkeeper: Yes, it was advertised at 50p, but I have decided since that I would like to go out on the razz with the LADS tonight and would like you to fund this for me, so it is now £50



it’s hard but I think you’ll really regret the 10k if you do it.

They need to find a place they can afford. That’s just how it works.


This sort of happened to us but they asked for 5k more and we’re in London. We agreed but after the structural survey we managed to get a further 2k off so only* had to pay an extra 3k in the end. I’m not suggesting you try this but we thought ‘fuck it we got gazumped so we’re gonna gazunder’.

*fucking ONLY


You should string them along for awhile for their sheer audacity


meet them half* way. offer them an extra £100.

*just short of


Offer them 10,000p and hope they don’t notice

  • make second pot of coffee
  • nah don’t
  • omggg shutttt upppppp

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  • Do the thing
  • Don’t do the thing

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I’m not you but a second pot would send me to SPACE


Not enough info for me to answer eric. how many cups of coffee constitutes a “pot” for you?


reckon i’ve had 2/3 cups and another pot would be about the same


ok - I will cast my vote.

I think that is too much caffeine and you should maybe have a cup of tea and a biscuit instead


thanks everyone! (sorry tim)


Why have you drawn a map of The Shire on that notepa…oh hi eric.


it’s you who’ll be sorry when you’re climbing the walls Eric