Thread for having the social board make decisions for you

Send the best one to @Gnometorious and sell the others.

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They’re all pretty shit tbh! I did think of that but I can’t guarantee any of them are in useable condition

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Reset to factory settings, take the sim cards out and donate them.


Daughter and I went to New York this year and loved it, so we’re thinking either New York again or Japan for next year. What’ll it be?

  • New York
  • Japan
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How does this poll have 125% results?

Answer: You could pick more than one thing.

  • Grow fringe out
  • Keep fringe
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Yes this counts as a life decision

Yeah sorry about that. It’s the first time I’ve ever done a poll.

All good, I was confused for a sec then I worked it out

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Gig tomorrow night

  • Julie Byrne - Halle St. Peter’s, Manchester
  • Fresh + Slash Fiction - Lughole, Sheffield
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Byrne - one of my favourite artists, never seen her live, would involve a shlep each way and probably going solo

Fresh - seen before, guaranteed good time, local, could probably rope a few pals in to join

it sounds like fresh are hoping to be able to gig/tour more regularly now that myles has stepped back, so i imagine there’ll be plenty of other opportunities to see them again.

Yeah Fresh is more a nice alternative option. Think it’s mostly ‘can I be arsed to drive/train to Manchester and back?’

Hopefully there are still tickets tomorrow and I can see how I’m feeling then

Get the train, sink some cans, have fun

Ended up leaving it too late. Sold out. Off to fresh instead

Looking at the JB stage times I’d have never made it home without leaving very early anyway. Let’s call it a win

Eh 10ish is a fairly early gig finish?

Manchester to Sheffield trains are proper shit

I have a spare :sob:

Tomorrow morning before work, should I:

  • Do a lovely bike ride :biking_woman:
  • Pump some iron :weight_lifting_woman:
  • Have a lie in :bed:
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Much prefer weights before work, cardio after. Feel much more energetic for the morning. Feel shattered all day if I run before work

If you don’t then I’d say ‘depends on the weather’

Interesting. I can’t say I feel knackered if I do cardio before work particularly. I feel knackered constantly because of the toddler (yes let’s blame her) and the only way to fix is to exercise really - feel much more energised if I break up my day with the gym or a class in the middle (or, indeed a ride) but Fridays are my only chance to do something before work.

I am tempted to do a short ride at lunch to get some lunch at a coffee van parked with a great view. Hmmm.