Thread for having the social board make decisions for you


I’d like to think at least one person has moved to Alton on the assumption it is the home of Alton towers


I might get my haircut at some point in the not too distant future. should I bother?

  • yeah
  • nah

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ffs this should have been public. take 2: haircut?

  • yeah
  • nah

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Enjoy your shimmering poo tomorrow morning.

  • stay late at work (8pm/9pm-ish) to fully wrap up current project
  • go home on time, go for a run, make fish risotto, play the witcher 3, stick two fingers feebly up to capitalism

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knew i could count on the good people of DiS


ok the vast majority are in favour. but will I go through with it or am I too lazy? only time will tell


Supposed to meet someone at 4 but i’m a bit early.

  • Pint
  • No pint
  • Fuuuuccckkkk offff whooo caaaares

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Fuck you, epimer!


Dunno what film to watch in bed tonight. Might even stretch to two films. Hit me.


jfc you’ve closed it again.


Spirited Away


Good shout! Never seen it, always meant to get round to it.


I already got a pint ffs!


I note that he didn’t have a go at me for closing mine when I went out to buy a snack.

  • have a shower
  • make lunch

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cheers froglet! (sorry prof)


Had this friend a few years back who basically moved out of London and fell out of contact with. Emailed em over the years but never heard back. Now get an invite via fb for some launch event they’re throwing in London

  • Go
  • Make a polite excuse
  • Ignore it
  • Tell them to burn in hell!!!

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Might be free food