Thread for helping Bam with his art and stuff (thank you!)

Hi guys,

Thanks for all your super encouraging words of support about my “art” recently! Can’t really be grateful enough, it’s been a tough year and I’d given up hope about my future but you’ve let me dream a little longer :slight_smile:

I’ve set up an “Instagram” page for my wikipedia drawings now, would anyone care to follow it or like it or whatever you do?

Going to try and beg for help in sorting out this etsy thing in the new year from you lot too, you’re my only hope :wink:

Thank you so much x



I should do one of buxton and send it to him!


I know what I’m doing on new year’s eve!

is he on twitter? you can tweet it to him!

I like the MS paint version of the Wikipedia logo :slight_smile:


hope I don’t get sued!

He is indeed!

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Hope you don’t mind but I emailed the church on your behalf :smiley:



aw you’re such a gentleman, thank you so much!

how do I become nice and proactive like you? tips please!

Well done! Followed

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thanks x

I’m really inconsistent tbh.

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nah you’re a total hero!


“talk to you soon” :smile:


Didn’t think I had an instagram account. Turns out I do so you are now my sole followee. The pictures you’ve posted look great, good luck with this!

thanks man! I wonder if it could be one of those things that’s like a meme where people on the internet like it and things!

sorry I don’t know if you are a man or not, shouldn’t have presumed!

Don’t see why not. They have tons of personality, so I’m sure loads of people would keep checking back if you posted regularly. (I am just another bearded man unfortunately :wink:)

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Followed! :+1: