Thread for imagining what famous people are doing wrong now


Richard blackwood - zesting


Stacey Solomon - being known


Des’Ree - Not eating toast


Jeremy Corbyn - using a smartphone.
Bet he’s looking at it from arms length and typing with a pause between each letter


Slowly spinning so he can work out which way the arrows pointing on Google maps


Carlo Ancelotti - generally up to no good


Howard from Take That is in the wrong lane approaching a busy roundabout.


he’s convinced though that it’s the roundabout who is wrong, not him.


Richard Osman is kicking himself as he’s just made a hash of completing the Times Su Doku. “There can’t be a 6 there… and there!” He’s fuming.


Stephen Fry is cutting a pizza the wrong way


Not using scissors?


Surely not!?


Judy Murray’s getting really frustrated with one of the Waitrose handheld scanners


He’s doing it with a male who is a bit younger than him. It is an outrageous scandal.


alan titchmarsh stubbing his toe


Julie Walters just lit the wrong end of a cigarette


Bill Oddie didn’t hear the tannoy message and is stood on the wrong platform awaiting his train. When it pulls in, he’ll have to do a little jog.


Brian Blessed’s just said a big, booming effusive “Goodbye” to everyone in his agent’s office then realised, as he got outside, that he’s left his coat in there. Now he’s got to go back in to get it and he just knows they’re all going to gleefully shout “Morning!” at him…


Barry Chuckle has lost his keys and Paul has come over to help him find them (they’re in the door).


So Solid Crew’s ‘doe’ was invested poorly, and they are all wishing they had put it in an ISA