Thread For Important Announcements (rolling)

I’ve ditched my gillette mach 3 cartridge razors in favour of a traditional safety razor. Just thought you should know.

I mean you could congratulate me? That’s what I would do if it was you.

About time you joined the rest of us extremely hip and cool dudes in the future.

It’s almost as if you didn’t think you were low enough in my estimation already.

I shudder to think what you shave with Theo.

One of these mainly

Because our bathroom sink plumbing is so bad I daren’t risk much wet shaving. :frowning:

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i’ve run out of shaving cream because someone else is using it

I admitted it to my wife recently so I might as well announce it here that I have recently been smoking again, quite a lot.

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I’ve always used an electric shaver because I don’t trust myself with razor blades.

I have never given myself a wet shave.

Proper cigs or have you been vaping?

I feel I should come out in the open with this, having mentioned it in passing a couple of times: I bought some Huel and have it for breakfast.

I still think it’s nutrition as designed by computer scientists and that its use as a total meal replacement is #problematic for lots of reasons.

Weren’t you the one giving me a hard time for daring to suggest I wasn’t completely against the idea of Huel replacing some meals?

Yeah, sounds like me.

proper cigs. well, rollies, I’m not an animal.

I would class that as making you more ‘animal’ to be honest. Vaping is better for everyone concerned.

Yeah I just meant: Vaping >>> Rollies >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Straights.

I went into a vaping shop ages ago to find out about it and there was just too much to think about. So many fucking options. I left not really knowing if I knew what vaping was any more.

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Hey I just realised that this is very much a ROLLING announcement!

  • high fives everyone in the thread *

I left my safety razor at home over xmas and will soon be resorting to using disposables.

I’d welcome your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

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could she not just smell it on you?

I lapsed back into smoking last year (have knocked it on the head again now, fingers crossed) and was constantly paranoid my kids would be able to smell it on me

I can’t really answer that without submerging myself in shame to be honest.