Thread for jazzballet to share pictures of plants in




gis plants



At kew gardens aka my favourite place in the whole world

Rhs wisely gardens

My bookshebookshelf ft. A bit of a plant I stole from hyde park

Rape field in hayling island

Some weeds I picked

Lavender at Kew

Also if I ever pick flowers (which I try not to do and just use dead ones or ones fallen off) I always press and keep them, using a silicon phone case is excellent for this, mine currently has a bunch of pressed leaves in it plus this photo


Great post!



the 5th one is a really lovely photo.

theyre all lovely


Love that Polaroid.


I used to work at Kew Gardens until recently


Ooh what did you do?


Also ty everyone :kissing_closed_eyes:


you a fan of rapeseed? loads of massive fields of it near me growing up in hampshire


As a London born kid I wasn’t used to fields like that so it was always so exciting to pass them on trains going outside of London! They look so summery


I know the feeling. When I caught the train from Waterloo to Guildford for a uni interview at 17, I was amazed by the yellow fields that were not wheat. Considered Guildford like proper countryside and far away from London.


Nothing too exciting as I worked in the IT department, but I spent as much time as possible in the gardens. I was there about three and a half years altogether and had a flat just near the tube station. Really miss it. Have you been to Wakehurst Place?


Not yet but I really want to! Nobody has ever wanted to go with me and it’s a bit far to go alone :sweat_smile: that sounds great, I’d love to work there!