Thread for jokes you knew people were going to make (rolling)

You know when you type something and you just know some smart arse is going to come along and make a joke about it, and then they do? Well this is a thread for documenting such jokes. I’ve had about five in the last two days.

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Moi a smart arse :scream:


Should’ve gone with “alpaca my bags”, really.

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And another one

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Maybe I need to stop being so obvious

Feel free to add your own as they happen

Or encorporate the obvious into your posts so they’re like some code that only us nerds get

Edit: never change Leakey :heart:
Edit2: I’m gonna keep that autocorrect

Leafy, leaky, leafly, I get it all

gotta preempt it I guess? I’ve definitely made the joke myself because it was obviously going to happen

I feel like there’s been times I’ve intentionally tried to set some smart-arses up with a sweet opportunity for a lame gag and then nobody’s responded

skip the thread and just view my entire post history

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every single instance of the albuquerque / old blue last ones


What, you think you make the jokes or they’re made about your posts?

Yes, great example

I would say 95% of my posts are as obvious as a Mrs Brown’s Boys episode

I’d see a doctor, mate.