Thread for lobbying Big Food about products you want brought on to the market

I’m sure this thread probably exists already, but I was just in the shop spending ages choosing what I wanted and realised that what I really want is a massive, massive peanut kit kat chunky. Like a 500g bar. It doesn’t feel the same just buying 8 peanut kit kat chunkys.
So please Big Food, deliver this to my local corner shop post haste.


Big Food?

  • The handful of shadowy megalithic corporations controlling all global food production brands
  • larger than average chocolate bars

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Marksies does this massive peanut butter chocolate thing… Or it did

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Alright, Heston Blumenthal.

Nowhere does hard bon bon sweets.

@rich-t to thread

Ooh I didn’t notice that!

The caramel and sea salt flavour of Nomo (turquoise, the best Nomo) to be available in the big slab and not just the little bars please. Or if they already exist they need to be rolled out more, seen them nowhere.

The way the economy is going I’m gonna get priced out of turquoise, unless you get it in the big slab which presents a much better cost to weight ratio.

What is Nomo? I could Google it but my thread needs the traffic.

Thank you for your curiosity. It is a brand of vegan chocolate, like an imitation of milk chocolate but actually quite nice instead of disgusting. The plain one is alright but the sea salt and caramel flavour is absolutely belting.

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Think I’ve mentioned this before but big share bags of salt and vinegar Squares

Ooh that sounds nice. Quite nice is so much better than disgusting, someone should have thought of that before

cereal bar that is as large as and comes in a full size box of cereal


Wasn’t there a website a while back where someone made massive chocolate bars?

will this do you?

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Would like more things in the vein of soylent green but vegan and not huel

some kind of ice cream version of tunnocks tea cakes please. Same biscuit base, same chocolate coating, but i want scientists to invent an ice cream version of the marshmallow filling.

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Milkyway Crispy Rolls but girthier.