Thread for logging your takeaway orders for the rest of us to ogle

Just making this now because I’m ordering thai later. Ideally post the order WITH a pic.

cc: @epimer


Great idea for a thread. I hope it becomes as successful as this

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'kin ell. we’ve got a way to go.

Just went the chippy for a simple order for 2

1 small fish and chips
1 salt and pepper chips
2 potato scallops


thank you for kicking this off.

Also really nice seeing scallops there, good order man

Rice came slightly unwarm so it’s in the mickey-w


I can’t believe you’ve just done this.

So early in this thread’s infancy too!


Is a potato scallop basically just a fritter? Never heard of it before.

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Would you say your a pad thai gai (guy)?

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A is a big pad gal but actually it leaves me slightly underwhelmed

The curry you can see there was astonishingly good - coconut, chilli, pineapple, grape, pepper

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Not had a takeaway for about 3 years, so this thread ain’t for me.
Hope you all have a good time though.

So they’re like… it sounds not as good as it is via explanation but like a thin rectangle-ish of potato, fried. But it really works. Broad surface area but thin so crisps up nice

Sounds like a fritter to me.


Yeah it basically is. In my head maybe a bit thinner but yes that


Mega order. Love a paneer pakora

Have an injured pigeon downstairs, safely in a box with water away from the cats. There’s a london rescue service for pigeons that helps pigeons like this, isn’t that lovely :heart: they’re collecting it in the morning
You’re Temporarily Blocked if anyone needs it (london based)

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Potato scallops are so good, so greasy. In Wigan, we called them smacks. 10p each or maybe 5p or something. Used to go to the chippy when I was about 11 and buy a smack and ask for some of the cripsy bits of batter that had fallen off in the fryer for free, nice big portion pls, then I used to go to Joe the ice man when he showed up later on and ask him for any broken wafers, then I’d go home and pour some of my mum’s brandy into my flask with some dandelion and burdock (only if the Pop Man had been though)

Such a victorian street urchin.


Do you want a nip of brandy to take into the workhouse with you, child?

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