Thread for Maps


Here is a map that I like of every battle in history:

And here is one that shows the history of Europe:

Please feel free to post any maps that you like.


I am very much interested in this thread. Love a map


did you get one from xylo in the raffle?


Not yet… shakes fist

He said he’ll get it to me when he can


Gonna do a right map dump, lads.

Here’s my favourite map ever:


A map of the US that shows census blocks with zero reported population, equivalent to 47% of the country.



Leicester :sunglasses:


What about Man U?


Yes, Craig David




I’ve posted this link before, but here are historical maps, georeferenced over google earth:


You have, and it’s amazing


This is brilliant, and very useful for boring work related reasons. Thanks.


I love maps. Spend a lot of my time making maps. Going to go and teach the funkycalves’ classmates about maps and coastal erosion at science week at school. Maps. Also:


The only Millwall fans I ever met don’t live anywhere near the ground, they’ve all fucked off out to Kent. Probably more Dulwich Hamlet fans in Southwark than Millwall.



Le Karenoi



Do the maps have to be of real places? @Juke