Thread for Maps


This thread is for maps, many maps. The more maps the merrier.



Big fan of this one


I made these. Earth and approximately to scale moon.




Not exactly a map, but we have a big one of these on the living room wall.


‘it’s a working progress’


The data’s from 1980, when nobody anywhere supported Man U.


A map of Britain showing fictional locations from TV shows etc


I’ve shared it before but couldn’t find it when I (quickly) looked last night, it’s an interactive map of the locations of where ancient greek myths took place. You’ll have to either look for it, or imagine it.


These are kind of cool too:


Another one I’ve posted before, that is ace



I’m hoping that this gets published


Think RPGs are really great for maps.
Love the work Francesca Baerald (an actual cartographer & artist) did for Octopath Traveller:


Spent so long poring over this map as a teenager (cc @Bamnan)



hope you dried it off afterwards


big fan of a map. Can quite happily sit and read an OS map like it’s a book. Even if it’s somewhere you know really well, you’ll always find something new by looking at an OS map.

Also, I assume we all know you can access OS maps on Bing maps? It’s literally the only thing I use Bing for.


I like the job title “Game urbanist”