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All the historical monuments of Ireland in one place!


Obviously Flightradar24 is the ultimate in this category.

It’s great for a bit of plane spotting in the garden in the summer


Niche map glitch chat alert: on Google Maps the tag for Great Britain has been placed in such a manner as to rename Todmorden, which I find both amusing and chilling in equal measure.



The meaning of ‘Todmorden’ is ‘Murder Wood’ or ‘Death Wood’ I think.

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It’s worse than that, it’s ‘Death death wood’. (Or ‘marshy home of the fox’ depending on which version you choose to believe’)
Either way it’s a total shithole.


I used to sometimes look up at planes flying overhead and wonder where they were coming from and going to, it’s slightly mind blowing to be able to look up it up now.


I feel the same about SkyView, with stars and constellations, too.


love skyview, especially when im camping. got an app called sputnik! the other day which tells you when the ISS and any satelites are due to go over and their location in the sky


There is a Bristol map where you can change the layers to historic maps from the 1700s / 1800s up to now

so can check out what was in a specific place back in the day. In the case of my house, fields basically.


I was about to post the raildar one. Love geeking out on that and being able to pass it off as work.



Seasons in action:



Linguistic Map of language changes in the Iberian Peninsula since 1000ad


A map of 20th century Europe as predicted by Frenchman Henri Dron in 1863:

Lisbon gets a bit dot as it was his proposed capital of the world.


Spot Pontypridd

inhale through teeth

“Tom Jones”

sigh of relief