Thread for Maps


“Packing the monkeys, again!”



and for the game ‘tig’ when you catch someone you say “TAG, youre IT!”
FFS :roll_eyes: :laughing:


We just said ‘tig’, No fucking around.


Hooray for Shadows Of Forgotten Ancestors Though!


where you at mate?


14f Northants u?


you what?
was going to complement you on your no nonsense locality.


Fucking ‘Once’! FUCK!


I think those are three separate ones.

When I lived in south essex, we called it ‘Had’


Hooray ‘In The Name of The Father’
the film success of course not the harrowing reality.





So if you go here, you can look back at OS maps from 1874 up to about the mid 80s and see how where you live has changed:


Its the only non-standard map of NI I could find that didn’t have grim statistics all over it :grimacing:






When you catch someone you take out your monocle and say “you sir/madam have been had!”
(Tory option) :grin:


Soft is a bap (or roll)
Crusty is a cob


are you a cartographer?


I’m assuming that this well researched


Sadly not, that would be an awesome job. I work with trains though.