Thread for Maps


This is pretty cool but there is literally no way The Warriors didn’t come from Coney Island.

Also, what the hell is Once?


That video is incredible. I get chills watching it.


Normally hate these ‘population shifting’ maps but boy have they gone to some effort here, really lovely stuff


We are getting screwed


How Hollywood destroyed America:


Do you think there’s maybe a reason a former colonial super power doesn’t have an independence day?


Other basis! Other basis!


Each dot indicates where a number of Americans polled by the Washington Post thought Ukraine was on the map



Can’t say I’d even want to support a UK Day or similar.


Nah nor would I tbf, but wouldn’t mind another bank holiday.



I am a non-drinker and I live there.


Some of these maps are utter rubbish and I apologise, I’m just bored.




Flight groundings on 9/11


Surely the UK is more shit alcopops?


My girlfriend saved this from her old work, guess it’s an old teaching map or something? Got it on a living room wall anyway, it’s cool


We can have a Revolution related day soon enough…