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2nd Largest Nationality Living In Each European Country


  • Splinter
  • Sliver
  • Speel
  • Spelk
  • Spell
  • Spile
  • Spill
  • Splint
  • Spool
  • Shiver

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I love that Sweeden’s is Finland and Finland’s is Sweeden.


They’ve sidestepped the whole British/Irish conundrum issue for NI rather nicely there :smiley:


UK cities’ fave genre per spotify



The missing answer for 1950s Scotland is “skelf.”


I love the word Nineveh


So people know Guinea, but not Guinea Bissau. Presumably Kyrgyzstan trumps the other local countries because nobody can remember how to spell it.

And that map seems to be missing most of the Caribbean and all of Polynesia.



When I’m doing these types of quizzes I remember Guinea and then New Guinea and Papua New Guinea follow. But I am a loser.


Ha ha. I was pondering on why Niger was such a big hitter in Africa and then realised it was people trying to type Nigeria. And some of them didn’t bother to try again afterwards.


New Guinea isn’t a country.


I mean Guinea-Bissau. My brain gone, long day.


Been working on this at work the last few days.

Seem to forget a different African country each time. Forgot Mozambique twice, which is staggering considering how memorable their flag is. Reckon tonight might be the night for a full house though…


Map of the nickname that countries use for ‘syphillis’


Equatorial Guinea is that little one next to Gabon that it looks like no one remembers (or Gabon for that matter).


Balonz and his science map


To be fair I got it wrong in the first place. According to that map more people get Guinea Bissau than Guinea, which given the way the quiz works should be actually impossible.


This would make a cool poster