Thread for @Marckee to tell me what he recommends to do and/or see in Valencia

Should I one day go to Valencia


I’ve been there three times (to DJ at a festival just outside the town). I stayed in the Old Town area, El Carmen, which was nice and got the train (the main station looks amazing) to the festival each day. In the old town there’s the cathedral, an art deco market, lots of atmospheric narrow streets with interesting little shops, and like every town in Spain a cool area for bars and cafes. For the best paella, a Spanish friend drove us out of the city - tourist food is tourist food, he said - and we went to a small village along the coast. The paella was the best I’ve had anywhere. The strangest thing I remember about Valencia was the river had been diverted and all along the river bed through the city were parks and gardens etc.

So as a follow up to the botanical gardens thread the parks are amazing. There is the river bed park but also loads of other lovely parks all around the city. You can walk from the centre to the beach easily - really nice beach - loads nicer than Barcelona.

Long time since I’ve been so I can’t really remember too many specific things but is definitely just a really nice city to hang out in for a long weekend - lots of lively areas for eating out etc, just general city exploring is great if that is your thing. From memory the only really touristy bits are essentially a sort of central square area - has a nice vibe of working city but with lots of culture, food, night life and so on.

There’s the city of science bit as well of course, which I really enjoyed from an architectural point but also I can’t remember what but sure I went to a great exhibition or film or something there as well.

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I need to dig out the list we put together, but our Internet at work is down, so I can’t get to it at the moment. I’ll bookmark this for later.

Let a boy dream, would ya?

I’m going there the week after next. I will see:

  • The residents of Valencia setting fire to shit and partying
  • My inlaws
  • Probably some botanical gardens by the looks of it.
  • Some other stuff

Alright Marckee


I wanted to reply to everyone who offered recommendations saying “Alright Marckee” but DiS won’t let me


Displayed on every corner all over the city are colourful ninots, giant papier-mâché figures often 20 feet tall or even more that have been paraded through the streets and then placed in fantasy groups to tower over excited spectators. Each one in some way satirises a political figure, or a soap star, or more exotic creatures from the movies, TV, sports idols, or simply imagination. Some of them are grotesque – others playful and charming – all are larger than life and up for public scrutiny.

High hopes of seeing a really good Ronaldo.

We went in the week before the festival, when the sculptures are all being erected in the squares and crossroads of the city. They’re quite something.

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