Thread for MME who are listening to Radiohead from home because they're not massive Tories


Just me then…



Checking in.

Heard em soundcheck national anthem about 2:30pm :thumbsup:


Let’s be honest, a lot of their newer stuff is mince, and there’s no guarantee they’d play a sufficient number of older, good stuff to justify the cost.


I actually prefer their newer stuff…but yeah, i wouldn’t pay half that to go to a gig. You’d have to be a twat really, and moreover, they’re twats for charging it.


there’s like three worthwhile songs tkol imo but amsp and ir are basically swell. although there’s that thrashy sort of track on amsp i cba googling. when i heard that i was like, no hungry band would take this beyond a jam or rehearsals, let alone put it upfront on their first album in 5 years. wank track.

everything else on that album is lush.


In rainbows is okay but I found the two albums after that just…boring.

I’d maybe pay that if it were 3 or so acts I really wanted to see, but yeah, crazy for one band that are already swimming in money.


In Rainbows is probably my favourite because I was 17 when it came out which is the exact age to like Radiohead really
You would probably have to pay me £70 now
Ok, £65


In Rainbows and Kid A are their standout records for me. The second half of TKoL is about as good as those.

Everything bar Pablo Honey’s 8/10+, but even so, i wouldn’t pay £75 even if it included pints and a taxi home.


Stop agreeing with me, please.


Kid a is my favourite, and I see in rainbows as a sort of successor to that album which is why I quite like it too.


It’s obviously a travesty they’re playing in Manchester at all though, as if they don’t have enough to do there already!!!


Oh forgot they were playing Israel too later, cunts.


I bought amnesiac on a ferry crossing to st malo when I was 11, thought it was shit and didn’t listen to it again for 5 years.


off to sit on the nearest available bench or piece of grass with some snacks. free tunes!


This is the way to do it.


heard Foo Fighters from miiiiles out when I was playing footy, once. I’m paying what I want for this gig (£0).


just so you know, @andyvine has paid for a ticket. never thought I’d see the day.


They’re on now


yeah fuck that. i’m quite disappointed with the blatant cash grabbing, especially wrt manchester. yeah the show goes on but a token gesture of solidarity with fans in that particular city wouldn’t go amiss.


can’t they use a pay-what-you-want model for gigs ?