Thread for music/film/book inspired design/decor pieces you've got/had in the past



Had an offer accepted on a house and my mind is already going a 100 miles an hour - perhaps prematurely, foolishly…

Specifically interested in wall art ideas. Or how you’ve creatively stored CDs/Vinyl/DVDs/Books etc

Always wanted a large version of this Anna Higgie darling that she made for Kuedo, so I’ll probably get that.

You go…




Now joke thread. :joy:



toyed with the idea of a twin peaks room, would be pretty easy, red curtains, forrest wallpaper feature wall, chevron rug, but ultimately didn’t




Might get some poster prints from some Melies films so I can indulge in a kind of Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness aesthetic without the modern day problematic associations (also like Melies)


Oh man, if I had a room like that I’d probably be a TOTAL recluse


Really want my own place so I can get pine tree pattern everything

Fucksake 2008 crash


I might do it to my bedroom, only thing that puts me off is that I might get scared


That would be cool

I’m trying to find the wankiest Metropolis poster too.


Not my picture, but I have this print. Signed print from one of the best albums of all time.