Thread for non-quizzers - wednesday 7th september


anyone have any ideas for badges? admin can install new badges.


@ericthefourth you ungrateful get


Good that there’s a safe space for right-minded people.


hey noidzy ( @penoid ) look at this cover of STAND magazine:


looks like a wise doggo


I’M BACK!!! thanks for the thread geeb, i was banned from posting by sean


quizzers are

  • on the whole fine, but a bit boring
  • probably repressed
  • scum
  • great bunch of lads
  • eggs

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please find enclosed poll


please vote in my poll
see you all in a few hours x


I can’t believe the quiz was allowed to transfer boards


Hello. :tophat:



I’m not sure about this.


seriously, can’t they make their own forum or something. proper stinks up the place and makes us all look like weirdo losers.


That’s what I always blame it on, yes.