Thread for non-quizzers


Christ, what a bunch of losers the quizzers are, eh?


yeah, total losers. who’s your favourite minor character from the tolkien universe?


I’m going to put a pre-emptive ban on any chat about the relative merits of Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings in here.





Been a while since we had to hunker down in one of these threads. I was naive to think the threat had ever really gone away.


I was honestly just going to take the high ground and completely ignore them this year but then I spotted this halfway down their thread.

I mean??!


We’re a dying breed.


what can men do against such reckless quiz?


So how about that US election? Trump elected, can’t believe it.




You think you’ve got it tough, try being someone who isn’t a quizzer or a non-quizzer.


Although Balonz was a non-quizzer weren’t he. He was ok.




is it me
you’re quizzing for


Pick a side!


Oh god have they risen again?


Well I’m in this thread and not in the q**z one so…


i’m only a non quizzer cos i forgot to submit my answers :frowning:


@ericthefourth, give him your best Tom Bombadil chat as punishment.