Thread for non-quizzers


my hands feel a bit dry.

Met a lovely photographer last night that we will ask to photograph our wedding.

He recommended a pre-wedding shoot, which can use to shed our inhibitions about being photographed. That’s nuts, right?

For the pre-selfie generation, probably not.

(n.b. I hate having my photograph taken and hate taking photos of myself)

For free?

If the answer is no, that’s the answer

Yep that’s crackers. Unless you’ve literally never featured in a photo ever.

Them quizzes ran their course years ago, eh.

Surprised they still do 'em.


depends if you just want a guy to come and shoot pictures of your wedding or if you need EVERYTHING TO BE PERFECT AND PERFECT REPLICATE THE STAGED TWEE PERFECTNESS OF YOUR SPECIAL DAY

Keep forgetting to do them so s’pose I’ll hang in here.
Bangerz thread in a bit

Bargain, I can do a post wedding video for £300

My hands have been really dry for the last week or two. Not for me, Clive.

Forgot about the quiz so I’m in here. Have to go out in the rain to put posters up in a minute. Not fun.

winter 1 :frowning:

There’s something to that, you know.

I always wondered which photograph would appear in the news if I was backpacking and was kidnapped. Reckon it’d be one where I was wearing lycra, which would immediately diminish any amount of sympathy my fiancée and parents could hope for

This is now the cycling :bike: thread

We moved the rabbits indoors last night and OMG I genuinely forgot when i went upstairs and there was two bunnies bouncing around EEEEEEEEEEEee

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Thank you for outing yourself as an old person


Hi Eps.

I am a quiz hater.

The boss is out I have done literally no work today. I should probably at least make some cursory attempt at being productive, right?