Thread for non-quizzers

Here they go again :roll_eyes:

This is now the Mamma Mia 2 thread


You know the saying you’ve got to be cruel to be kind? That’s very exceptional isn’t it, like one time in one thousand or something. You’ve really got o be kind to be kind.

Please feel free to use this in your stand up show and if you ever hit the big time you can give me £30k or whatever.

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Like Jesus didn’t turn water into dog piss did he? (then do a whole skit of jesus dishing out dog piss to his disciples). Just 20k for that one please.

I’m so hot I actually think I might be having some sort of heat stroke thing.

I’m too hot to even get angry with quizzers.

There’s air conditioning on in the quiz thread.

We have some people round tomorrow for a barbecue. Can I let you in to a little secret? I am not a confident griller. Bit nervous about unwittingly giving someone food poisoning.

There’s a fussy eater coming too. Will only eat chicken. Will only eat chicken breast fillets ffs. How do these people make it through life?

It’s raining tomorrow isn’t it? You may have a reprieve.


Here’s hoping Lonzy, for many reasons

Do you have a humorous apron?


No but this is the shittest I could find on the internet

The best one is a chef de bbq one:

If anyone’s looking for a late fathers’ day gift?


@whiterussian Can I get a “Banned from the quiz” badge?


uh oh! Someone’s in trouble!

I’ll start my own quiz where questions are BANNED


I got this for a birthday gift a while back


not sure why

Someone doesn’t like you? Seems a bit far fetched, I know

the hottest temp this year was recorded yesterday in Wisley 35c! Our neck of the woods