Thread for nudging deserving posts into a Nice Reply badge


Y’know where u see one from a few days ago or something on 9 likes and think it deserves the accolade.

I’ll start


Great thread - just pushed Ant over the edge, so to speak.


any posts linked in this thread that i have liked i will revoke my like


you can’t mate hahahahaha


aye you can


bit needy


Are there any badges above nice reply, for 20/50/100/8,000 likes received?


don’t think so mate.


Discourse probably haven’t had to deal with the high quality posting and generous liking of the users of before.


I like what you said there


i’ve nearly got the 100 likes badge for a post, just needing another 96 to tip it over


Link it up and we can all make it the most-liked post ever to see what happens.


I’m torn between really liking the concept of this thread and my steadfast commitment to the organic appreciation of #content

This is a tricky one…



ma0sm owning the category there


Only for a couple mins after i thought?


Obviously @ma0sm’s MV song is in a class of its own but I’m a massive fan of that @barleysugar post. Surprised I haven’t liked it.




I’m one away from 25 on this… Someone?