Thread for older albums you've been listening to

This thread’s probably been done but I can’t find it. I’ve been rinsing lots of older albums (as in, albums not from this year) over the past few weeks, what have you revisited recently?

These are the ones I’ve had on:


been listening to the beverly glenn copeland albums.
kind of soulful new agey stuff for those who don’t know him, really uplifting. great line in album artwork too


Been listening to Abbey Road. It’s just a complete masterpiece.


Anyone been doing the Tim Burgess listening parties? Good chance to catch up on older albums, it does become a bit congratulatory, but given the actual bands are involved it’s probably unavoidable.


Mostly it’s been ambient/psybient/dub stuff. Fallen back in love massively with The Orb, Shpongle and recently discovered Carbon Based Lifeforms, Solar Fields and the brilliant Ott.
I think it has helped me psychologically deal with The Unpleasantness to a certain degree… it’s like I’ve been aggressively chilling myself out for the last three months or so.

Here’s my favourite bit of Ott:


Good idea for a thread.

For me:

Minor Threat - Out of Step
The The - Dusk
The Bible - Eureka
Curtis Mayfield - Curtis
The Velvet Underground - 1969

More time than usual to listen to music so I’m supplementing new stuff with a deep trawl of stuff from the shelves.

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somehow listening to this for the first time. pretty good actually

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Been listening to On The Corner by Miles Davies specifically because of its reputation as a tricky one to get into. Figured I could invest the time at the moment. Kind of involves reconfiguring your ears but starting to get into it, about ten plays in.

Tried out some more Sonny Sharrock yesterday and apart from the one album from the 90s that I’m dead into, there is way too much trebly fuzz guitar for me to get on with on anything else.

Here’s a good’un by the latter.


I’ve never listened to this but judging from the cover alone it could only be incredible.

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Weirdly avoided Lou Reed’s Ecstasy up until now as I thought it was meant to be heavy going but it’s closer in the vein to New York. It’s a real blast! Even digging Like a Possum.


Did my first one last night. Super Furry Animals - Mwng

Complete hole in my SFA listening/collection. For some unknown reason its the only Furries album I don’t have a copy of.

Aretha Franklin - Amazing Grace

…and the documentary


Been investigating some 60s and 70s female singer songwriters, particularly enjoying these two albums

Norma is folksy and inventive, Joan is soulful and more groovin


Heard Norma Tanega through What We Do in the Shadows - lovely stuff :smiley:


On The Corner is fantastic, one of my favourite Miles albums. ‘Black Satin’ used to get regular outings in my DJ sets.

Never listened to much Sonny Sharrock, though your description of him using too much trebly fuzz guitar sounds perfect!


Listening to Spirits Rejoice by Albert Ayler a lot. Makes me want to yell and shout along with it so that must mean it’s good!

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Yeah I like Black Satin. partly because it’s only five minutes long instead of 20 so a bit easier to get a handle on.

Basically think there’s only one (to me) good Sonny Sharrock one, which is the one from 1991. I think there’s Pharoah Sanders is on there as well which might be what makes the difference. Also I love most production from that sort of time, it’s a bit of a sweet spot in a lot of genres for me.

I’m always listening to old albums, so I’ll use this thread for ones I’ve recently discovered or ones I get particularly wound up about on daily listens. (I’ll try to keep the Pumpkins out of it, just assume I’m always wanting to scream in everyone’s faces about how perfect every album is.)

I’d never listened to Similes by Eluvium before but tried it recently after one of the songs was used in one of the final Mr. Robot episodes. What an album. I love how simultaneously atmospheric and structured his music is.

Such a great, hypnotic album closer:


My favourite bit of the documentary is when she sings Amazing Grace with the choir sat behind her - they gradually go from looking politely unimpressed with the whole thing to complete frenzy and rapture. It’s an amazing thing to see.

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He’s Thurston Moore’s favourite guitarist. A lot of his stuff’s pretty hard going. He’s great on Herbie Mann’s Stone Flute and on Miles’s Tribute to Jack Johnson though.