Thread for older albums you've been listening to

Try Orange, it’s amazing


I think there is a possible thread about songs on albums which jar because of their associations (not through being bad as such but through being incongruous). I would also include Sunshine (ie the song from Morecambe and Wise) at the end of the first Low album and The Byrds having a crack at Dame Vera’s We’ll Meet Again on their debut album.

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Oh man, I love that Dion album so much. Actually meant to post it in here myself, but kept forgetting

For reasons that are too nerdy to go in to, I recently went through a period of about six months of listening to pretty much nothing but albums from 1975 and this was one of the absolute best things I heard. Get some fairly heavy Spiritualized vibes from it too – reckon Jason Pierce must be a pretty big fan

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couple more 70s folk classics lately

Bert Jansch - LA Turnaround

Planxty - s/t

This might be the most DiS sentence ever.


Paul Brady’s version of Arthur Macbride is the best IDST

It is funny how many musicians went through Planxty same with any folk band really Fairport, Dubliners etc.


Brady’s from my hometown and yet i’ve never actually sat down and listened to one of his albums properly, something i should really put right. gonna listen to the one he did with Andy Irvine.

i do quite like his Arthur McBride, the guitar is great, but i find the Planxty one a bit more fun and is the first version of the song i’ve probably paid attention to and engaged with (despite sharing part of my name with Arthur)

yeah i had assumed Planxty was always the same 4 person core lineup until i was reading through their wikipedia recently and noticed quite a few other people came and went during their run. The Dubliners lineup is ridiculous, there are so many later Dubliners videos full of people i don’t recognise, i tend to ignore anything that’s not the classic lineup

Listened to the second Television album today for the first time, after the Marquee Moon thread. Only ever listened to that first album. tells me I’ve never listened to ‘Days’ before, but it sounds really familiar. Perhaps someone has covered it and I never realised it was a Television song:

Anyway, it’s a really great song and the album is also rather enjoyable.

one of those albums i’ve meant to listen to for about 10 years but always stupidly been put off by the Spotify tagging being a mess. i only know Foxhole which is decent enough but a step down from MM. will finally give it a go soon.

I really like Adventure. No follow up album was ever going to compete with Marquee Moon but I do feel that it has been unfairly maligned. It is a less spiky, slightly poppier record but it still has some really good songs.

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I’ve been listening to the seminal album Set Yourself on Fire (and a lot of their others) by seminal electro janglepop band Stars.

I’d forgotten how brilliant an album it was:


Roxy Music’s Avalon is so great. Up there with Country Life for me

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I’ve always thought that Avalon is a rare example of an utterly perfect album - it sounds exactly how it means to sounds, achieves everything it sets out to achieve. It’s a really sumptuous, beautiful record.

It’s been a bit out of fashion but I keep waiting for it to be re-assessed. It has a definite kinship to things like Talk Talk and The Blue Nile that are a lot more fashionable (and also ace).

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Been rinsing the 2nd Suicide album recently. Not sure if it’s regarded as highly as it should be. Really great record.

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I’d agree with all of that. Doesn’t have the same sense of urgency, but it’s an enjoyable listen nonetheless.

Yeah – I’d been meaning to listen to it for ages too. I like it but can’t see myself returning to it often

Not that old, but I can’t stop listening to Through the Window Pane by Guillemots.

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One of my favourites, each track is fantastic. One of my favourite canadian albums along with No Cities Left

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i remember seeing them touring that in 2006, one of the few gigs i was able to get to as a sixth former. haven’t really listened to them since. but there was a song they played at that gig that i really liked but i’ve never been able to track down since.