Thread for people that aren't that fussed about food

Sure you like food, but you don’t like talking about it or sharing recipes or taking pictures of it, or planning when you’re going to eat it, or rank it on a scale, or preparing it and maybe only think about it a short while before eating it.

This is a thread for all those people that just like food and it’s alright and that. Where my hommies at yo!!!

Please respect my people in here (except any Huel people as they’ve clearly gone way too far) don’t talk down to us about “well maybe you just aren’t eating great food!?”

  • I hear ya sista!
  • I kind of understand this
  • I love food and all of the things you have listed

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What would you talk about in this thread?

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Don’t like food nearly as much as some people seem to


I like to think of food as “the lifeblood of the body”

does that make blood the food of the animal world

Eat pretty much the same thing for lunch ever day. It’s good.


Ah, the Raab

(I usually do the same)

Blood is “the drink of the veins”


I think I’ve come to see food like music. My tastes cemented themselves somewhere around my early 20s, and that’s kind of it now.

What else would you talk about :woman_shrugging:

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liking food, but not that much.

It’s one of my favourite things to eat


A thread to discuss not discussing food?

please don’t tarnish my people with the Huelers

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Can I shock everyone? I am eating right now. Some soup. It is ok

Me too! And the main body of it is cracker bread and it’s fine.

People don’t get it. Stop judging my misery* lunch.

*I like it really

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I like food but it’s definitely overrated.

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Actually maybe I like eating and food is just a necessary part of that.


I’ve met someone who “wasn’t that bothered” about food / eating out and lived mainly off plain chicken / salmon and boiled veg and I’ve never been more suspicious of someone in my life

Reckon his colon is clean as quarantine though

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which is probably really unhealthy #microbiome #gutbacteria