Thread for people unaffected by DiS chaos

  • site’s fucked
  • site’s fine

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Nothing on meta.discourse either pondering whether this might be a DiS specific thing :thinking:

reckon it’s to do with sean / theo updating it to include the new adverts he was talking about

Everyone coming into this thread:

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Anyone from @staff around to take a look at this?

ie in that thread

Having a nice relaxing day on DiS, hope you are too xx


Personally, I’m having a great time reading and replying to threads, as normal.

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Amusingly I can’t see the text in that thread either

same lol

Guys, I’ve had word from Sean. He’s just testing out the no deal Brexit version of the site


DiS is now located in a car park and it cost £40k to do this.

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I’m just going to reply to posts because I don’t know how many replies I’ve read.

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Site’s still fucked for me :frowning: I managed to MacGyver my way into this thread and read the whole thing, but now it’s gone again. Please don’t make me have to go back to working.

It’s the only thread that works!

#blessed to have made the cut

ahm oot

I reckon you’re all making this up. It’s a jape.


It only doesn’t work for Tories. It’s a piece of code that Theo has inserted.

alright guys i’m off home now, care care okay