Thread for people who are in their profile picture irl

Hello all.

Please help yourselves to the buffet, the plates are small but we encourage repeat visits.

Ooo… don’t mind if I do.

thanks m8

Is that really you? That irl pic you posted the other day looked like a completely different person.

got any of those clips that connect your wine glass to the plate?


I don’t, but I would like to

Hello, friends

Wow, I thought that was a sports logo

it’s how i picture marckee every time he posts

This feels mean spirited

Hi guys

Hello, are you a wrestler, or was that a one off like those red letter days?

I’m a battle rapper. that’s me post battle rap

I blossomed.

That sounds exciting. Do you have any YouTubes of you battle rapping? I’m unfamiliar with it as a weapon.

You did! Congrats!




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