Thread for people who are in their profile picture irl

This thread is going badly

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No, that is not what I intended at all.

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I’m sorry about all these clowns

Why are you sorry? Were you involved in this blatent disregard of the rules?

No, I’m just sorry that other people on this online community can’t respect authorial intent

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Oh hey fellow pro-piccers

I see. Well that’s a sentiment I can get behind wholeheartedly.

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You are not made from marzipan

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Sounds like a Shpongle track title

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In a sad turn of events despite actually being in my profile picture it no longer feels appropriate for me to post in this thread.

Gonna take a plate full of sausage rolls on my way out though.


Why is that?

Cartoonised versions of people are absolutely fine.

You look sad

I am a small dog with a goofy grin.


I’m afraid all these jokers have made a mockery of your thread. And after you’d put such a fine spread on too.

For shame.

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hello friends