Thread for people who are now bored of the Friends thread

can you make a gif of this please?

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are you trolling me?

no, bob mortimer has said that he suffers from the condition ‘high anus’ and it is more common than you would think

…and would Bob Mortimer make jokes about having a high anus?

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I’d expect him to be joining the serious DiS boards when they open

The pixies had one for about 12 years


Hey everyone we gonna do all the Friday threads tomorrow?

  • Of course
  • No I plan to be on here on Friday

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i plan to be here on friday but i wouldn’t mind combining the selfies and filth threads this week

I bet you wouldn’t

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A great joke

Some of us will need all the help we can get to get through work on Friday.

dunno what you mean, something like this?



this is far too funny content from you, mr serious man


Can’t believe he threw down a ‘I take everything seriously’ post and a spaffing walking stick gif out on the same day. It’s like the posting equivalent of a Cruyff turn so sweet it causes 3 defenders to fall over and immediately shit themselves.



@laelfy thought this was quite interesting, heard you’d left the other thread tho

Surprised that season 5 is ranked highest but there you go

jesus christ bamnan :joy:

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oh my god :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:

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Thank you for this. X