Thread for people who aren't DJs

Do you reckon you’d be any good at DJing?

  • Yeah
  • Nah

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many times tried to do the wicky waah scratching stuff on my brother’s “decks”. It’s pretty difficult

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some massive overconfidence in these results


I can press the DJ button on a Casio keyboard

What does it do?

Plays the notes D natural and J natural

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Hey kids, here’s the latest mega smash from Tyler Swift. Expect to see this fly up the hit parade in the coming weeks.

Piece of piss.


Throw your hands up in the air, like you are a person who does not appear to care!

Piece of piss


Vernon, that’s enough!

Chill out The Black Madonna

says DJ


Often think about “records I would play if I was DJing”. I have the records but don’t have DJ decks or know how to use them. I have 0 desire to learn to do beat match type DJ ing. Just play a record that’s good to dance to, then play another one when that one finishes

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yeah I fucked that right up didn’t I.

It’s Vinyl Richie if anyone cares !

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I did an afternoon of DJ training once. It was fun and I was quite good at it. But I didn’t know any of the songs I was using in the tutorial and when it came to thinking about a set of my own I realised I would really struggle to put something crowd-pleasing that I would enjoy together. I have, therefore, voted “Nah”.

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People have told me they think I’d be a good DJ.

  • I just wanna Rock, DJ. (They have)
  • Hang the DJ, haaaang the DJ. (No)

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I remember having a go on some “decks”

It went

  1. 1st Record sounds ok
  2. Cacaphonous mess as I move the crossfader
  3. 2nd Record sounds ok.
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I did “DJ” in public once when our local allowed randoms 20 minutes on a single turntable. In that time I managed to play a James song at the wrong speed and stuck on The Man Don’t Give A Fuck so that I could grab a beer.

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Cacaphonous Dex could be one of them dinos

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I’d quite like to do a DJ set where all the songs were in G major or something

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