Thread for people who have never been in a Cash and Carry/Costco type place

I’d love to go but I don’t think I ever will.


Fuck off out of this thread pronto.


I have been to Costco once in the UK. I was 13. I threw up outside. Great day out.

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And you!

I haven’t been to one of those types of places Lonzo, hope this helps.

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My partner has a card but I’ve never accompanied her on a trip. We have a lot of Costco wares in our Dean though. Can I stay

This does.

This is not the thread for me.

They’re really good Lonzo.

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Is Dean some sort of Sheffield/Colchester slang?

Not I. Keep meaning to.

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this thread is for me

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I fucking know!

Never been. Considering I find big Tesco an absolute dream of an afternoon I may find it too much, but would love to try.

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House - gaff - gaffney - Dean

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I do not accept this.


How do you ever get to go to these places is what I always think.

Do you work for *M? I think you do but I could be wrong. Qualified members can get Costco memebership.

That should read STAR STAR M STAR

Someone I work with was talking about how they went to costco and bought loads of toilet roll, but they live in a small flat and ran out of room for it in the cupboard so they now just have stacks of toilet roll in their bedroom.