Thread for people who have never eaten coronation chicken/other

This was me half an hour ago. Just had a coronation cauliflower wrap and it was shite. Save yourself the disappointment and prove your republican credentials by never having it.


Aye the name puts me off. The wraps at sainos look rank as well.

How dare you, on the day of the curry thread

reminds me of dull family gatherings at my step grandmas

that and “rice salad” - both with loads of raisins / sultanas in :face_vomiting:

also used to ruin all the chocolate treats with raisins

Had it for the first time (that I can remember) last year. DISGUSTEN.

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I always call it “Jubilee Chicken” and I have it on my jacket potatoes

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I quite like raisins but this was terrible.

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Would you consider changing it to ‘jubbly chicken’?


No, it needs to retain some meaning.

I guess I tricked you there as you must have considered it for a second to come up with your answer.

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You’re a smart one but a tricksy one

My kids call it Chronicle Chicken for some reason

It is great stuff. I encourage everyone to try if you never have

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This thread’s not for your kind!

It’s the pizza of sandwiches. Never worse than a 6. Never better than an 8. My go-to if I’m unconvinced by the general quality of the sandwich offering.

I fall under ‘other’, other being I have eaten coronation chicken

We’ve got a new

in here

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I have eaten lots of ‘other’. 8/10.

i will never eat coronation chicken.

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Ever eaten coronation chicken whilst watching Coronation Street?

  • Sure!
  • No but imagine!
  • No absolutely not never

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