Thread for people who have puked on a boat

Hi guys, I’m now a member of your gang.


Does the dry dock in leeds count?

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I don’t know what that is my brother. You can be in my club either way tho.

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There’s some rabbits outside it

Multiple times on the Fishguard to Rosslare ferry, would have been 1998. Not a good day.

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Went sea fishing on a stag do with a few crates of warm cans of lager. Was violently sick (mainly out of my nose) all over a fish that was being reeled in by the poor guy stood next to me


One of my strongest childhood memories is of vomiting over the side of a Dover → Calais ferry.

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Contemplated going over the side but I’m glad I went for the toilet. I’d just finished an on board cafe beef chilli

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are you still on the boat?

My uncle owns a fish factory and used to do an annual fishing trip on one of his trawlers for all his mates. I went along with my dad when I was 8 or 9. All was going well, ate some barbecue and then we hit rough seas briefly. After that my head was between my legs the rest of the time. Even 30 years later I can still feel the lurch in my stomach. Every wave we hit the rest of the time had me chuckin’. When my dad used to pick me up from nights out underage drinking, I’d get “been out on the trawler again?”


No I’m on the island now. Got 7 days to prepare for more puking.

How long were you on the boat for?

Violently sick on board a ferry in Croatia a few years ago after giving myself sunstroke. Toilets were occupied when I realised so I was just sick in the aisle surrounded by passengers. A real low point.

My girlfriend got food poisoning from McDonalds on the day we were coming home a couple of days later and was sick the entire flight home so we both felt thoroughly cleaned out after that break.

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It was like an all day thing so at least 6/7 hours. We were too far out with too many people having the craic to turn back for one kid

Aiiii poor you

Note to self: when feeling delicate after a puking session don’t invite a load of puking stories.


Going to Oban in May, my partner was like “do you want to go on this boat trip, it lasts 8hrs and costs £75pp”

No, no I do not

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I caught a fish that day though so not all bad!


Also in the club, off the side whilst looking at some nice seals at Lindisfarne.