Thread for people who haven't been to New York

What do you reckon it’s like?


Just like in Friends I reckon.

I’ve never been to Berlin either. Do we need a separate thread for that too?

but if you can’t handle me at my worst


I reckon it’s good but a bit disappointing


I’ve watched so much Sex and the City that I don’t feel the need to go.

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Streets are filled with people stepping out in front of cars and shouting “Ey ah’m walkin’ here!


Massive cliche for people with zero originality

reckon the novelty would wear off quite quickly

Berlin but expensive, less German, less Döner and more millionaires.


Surely that’s Jaywalking though, so anyone who does do that gets pulled over by a cop (eating a doughnut)


Don’t think I’ll ever be up for going you know. The idea of doing so makes me feel exhausted.

I reckon the subway is louder, dirtier, and more difficult to navigate than the Underground. Also I reckon you get more eccentric individuals riding in your carriage than you would on the Underground

There’s at least a dozen places I’d go to in America before I’d go to New York I reckon

Its the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine

Also that all the residents are very direct and self-assured

Probably run into these guys on the subway.


There’s loads of doner

Been to Old York which is decent but not so good I’d travel all that way to go to the rebooted version…

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Oh I’ll just fly to the bit of the USA that is the nearest. Lazy bastards.

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