Thread for people who've barely watched The Simpsons

Let’s see who’s seen the least amount of episodes.

I haven’t seen the episode where Homer wears a dress or something and it’s really big on him.

It’s a moomoo

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Probably saw loads years ago, but genuinely think i’ve watched one episode in the last…fifteen years, and somehow seen it twice. It’s the episode where Mr Burns makes Homer his assistant. Pretty good to be fair.

This was the first single i ever bought, though -

This was the second -"The_Stonk"


Never seen it.

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:speaking_head: Unnecessary PSA :speaking_head:

If anyone hasn’t watched the simpsons because they think its puerile and juvenile IT REALLY ISN’T I’ve been watching since i was 3 or something and it entertained me then and now, not because I’m a giant baby but its setup is so layered and the jokes done in a way that makes it accessible for kids where adult jokes fly over their head but super enjoyable as an adult and so genuinely funny i will laugh just thinking about a scene

The new stuff is shite though feel free to piss all over it


It annoys me that I don’t get any references. Feels like I’ve missed out on a huge part of the human experience.

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I didn’t watch friends until i was at uni, never got the references in high school when it was airing and doing well but it all happened when i just watched it all, its never to late, start with s3 even fuck the older episodes