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Videos buffer all the time on Twitter

  • Correct, fucking annoying
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Sometimes. Always put it down to Internet issue rather than the phone because switching from WiFi to 4G normally stops it happening.

Also noticed that it’s only with WiFi. Have to use data to watch any videos on Twitter. It’s definitely a bug and not a speed issue.

Only really noticed it on the WiFi at work, so thought it might be something to do with that because it makes WhatsApp play up sometimes as well.

Do Honor users count?

Do you enjoy buffer-free videos on Twitter?

Tough question, but one I’m very looking forward to answering.


I have an honor phone and I fucking hate it

Oh let me try that.

That’s not a very Honorable thing to say

It’s to do with background apps, i think, #pal.

Press the square button at the bottom and load the video again.

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