Thread for pondering whether things are OK or not

Sometimes you can have a nagging doubt as to whether a thing is OK or not. This is the thread for putting these doubts to the test with the good people of drowned in sound.

So at the weekend I’m at my sister’s and her new bloke has a son, top lad, about 8 years old. Pasty ginger kid (this is relevant).

Anyway he’s really into avengers and all that kind of thing and he’s got himself some Black Panther gloves with the claws on and he spends the afternoon charging around being all WAKANDA FOREVER and so on. So…

  • It’s absolutely fine for a small white lad to be Black Panther you weirdo
  • I don’t know, feels a bit like getting a white actor to play othello, maybe a bit odd

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If marvel employed him to play black panther then it wouldn’t be OK. Also if the child was in blackface it wouldn’t be OK


Would have thought it was a positive thing for a white kid to be emulating a black character?


Wasn’t in blackface but was attempting the accent

Dunno what the accent is. Don’t watch comic book films, not seen game of thrones, star wars is shite


Oh absolutely, just wasn’t sure if there was an appropriation issue or something.

Anyway that’s my query resolved fairly convincingly, who’s got another one?

So a few months ago (before the current news story) I sold about 20 Commonwealth Games tickets on Viagogo as I could no longer go. Had no idea how evil they were at the time and assumed as I was paying a fee for selling them, the buyer wouldn’t. Anyway, I sold the tickets at face value plus a markup in order to cover my selling fees and not make a loss.

  • That’s understandable
  • You are literally the scum of the earth

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Needs multiple choice.

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What would the other choice be?

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Oh right I get it.

I won’t forget this irons.

:wink: :kissing_heart:


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  • lol look at me doing jokes

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You’ll get absolutely zero likes for that terrible joke

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Caught someone doing press ups against the bank of sinks in the toilets at work this week.

  • Ok
  • Odd

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Gerard Way

  • OK (trust me)
  • Not O fucking K

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My parents are avid followers of an Instagram account called BlackLabsMatter, dedicated to the beauty of the black labrador.

  • That’s quite an amusing name
  • Take a long look at yourselves, Mr & Mrs Jizz

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Bit of a hoo-ha about a white actress playing the role of Maria in the BBC’s West Side Story production

  • It’s fine
  • But the character is Puerto Rican…

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Gunfights at the Corral

  • OK
  • Man, this doesn’t even work

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