Thread for posing minor dilemmas that you already know the answer to

But you want confirmation from strangers on the internet.

A bass I’ve wanted for ages has come up for sale (actually two this week - they’re like buses!! If buses were lake placid blue). I would quite like to buy it.

However, I’ve got too many basses, so it would need to be one in one out. The most likely candidate to get rid of is the one that’s most similar to the one I want. But… it was a 21st birthday present and has sentimental value. I’d also never be able to replace it if I regretted it because there aren’t many in circulation.


  • Get the new bass/sell the old bass
  • Keep the old one, your mum bought that for you ffs
  • Fuck off

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No such thing as too many basses

There’s finite room in my spare… room. I don’t even gig or record so I can’t use the old “I really need it for x” excuse.

Just pose in the mirror?



Get rid of a different bass, then?

I think you should post the basses you own for us and we’ll decide.


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My vote is based not on callousness but on the assumption that you’ve had many years of pleasure from the old bass and that the value of it as a gift I has already been fully appreciated and enjoyed.

just buy it and dedicate a room in your house/flat/ship to basses

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For reference:


NEW BASS (sexy matching headstock out of shot)

What about in cupboards or under a bed or something, they don’t take up much room if not on display, probably worth it if it has sentimental value. I’m probably not to be listened to on this issue though:

Actually…I don’t really get on with it. It’s not been played very much as a result.

…is that a harp?


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Then let someone who might enjoy it more have it.

The value of gifts is in the giving and receiving so it has fulfilled its purpose.

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What are they? Old bass looks nicer I reckon.

should I get a job or just be vv frugal for a few months until I get a job again?

Other bases: my modded P bass (SD quarter pounders, Badass bridge etc)
Squier Bass VI
KSD-705 jazz bass (for the chop)

So my hands are tied. Should be jazz bass for jazz bass.

Yeah, is the new one ‘better’ ie American fender rather than Mexican/squire