Thread for posing minor dilemmas that you already know the answer to

I’d just get it and keep both tbh

Bass VI is a six string AFAIK (hence the name) but I also thought it was a baritone so it’s not really quite a bass so I definitely think Eps doesn’t have to drop one.

The old bass is a KSD-705 (Ken Smith designs). Tbh I don’t really get on with five strings, plus it’s a wide 35" scale neck with hefty string spacing so it’s not even a fast player. Also the electronics are a bit rubbish but would be expensive to replace because they’re non-standard J pickup size.

The new one is a Lakland Skyline Darryl Jones. I tried the five string model once and it’s the nicest instrument I’ve ever played.

oh fuck I thought it was a Skyline. They are delicious

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Bin the shit one off FFS.

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It’s not a baritone, it’s EADGBE in the same octave as a bass.

It’s also definitely going nowhere because I love it.

not sure what I expected from @chris-budget


There’s also a shitty guitar knocking about. They’re already taking over the spare room.

Cheer up, goth.


Regift it and give it back to your ma this Christmas.

Got a similar dilemma.

I own three bikes: shit single speed for commuting/shops/leaving; old but very much loved road bike; and new road bike. I can’t really keep all three due to reasons of no space.

Do I:

  • keep all three bikes
  • sell old road bike
  • sell shit single speed and use old road bike to commute to work

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Did your mum buy you any of those bikes?

How old is your old road bike?

consult rule #12

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She did not.

10,000km old. In all likeliness I won’t ride it ever again because of the new bike (which I still haven’t been out on because of the flat).

Urgh, I know. We just don’t have space for 5 bikes in the new flat!

how much do you want for your old bass?

Oh wait your old ones a five string? Sell that fucking shite pal


Finding it hard to gauge the value as they don’t come up for sale very often. Reckon around £450 as it could do with a setup. No idea about shipping costs though.

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He’d better hold tight, or he’ll… drop the bass


Strong, strong opinion here.