Thread for posting amazing ballads


Preferably like real actual proper ballads and not indie schmindie ballads.

Gotta be the extended version of this for me. Perfect.




Power ballad, though.

Actually not sure what counts. But you can take your pick of Dire Straits’ Tunnel of Love or Romeo & Juliet.


I think the word “ballad” has lost its original meaning. A ballad is supposed to be a song (or poem, or short piece of prose) that tells a narrative, often a story of someone’s life or a significant episode from that life, eg. “The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde”. These days however the word seems to be used for any song that is slow and without a strong repetitive drum beat - often just a love song, not a story of any kind.

Anyway, never mind, be that as it may… here’s one that I think is a gret ballad in either sense of the word:


Going by the proper definition so as to avoid flooding the thread.




come on guys, ffs. have a day off



Thought you were banning him for a sec


I did say I wasn’t going to make a big deal of it. I just thought it was worth noting, the way the word seems to have changed its meaning.



If we’re opening the floodgates…