Thread for posting any and all good news for today






Joe Root.


My sister finally finished the adoption process yesterday after 3 grueling years and now has a lovely new daughter. She is called Lily.

Friday Stats Check

My car’s been recalled for safety reasons, so that’s good.


been flirting with some girl I met at the coffee shop yesterday. she laughs at all my jokes, which is nice.

reckon it’ll be about 2 days before I get bored, but for the meantime, this is not too bad at all


Katie Hopkins has promised to leave the UK?


i suppose it’s a more effective method of preventing you driving than taking away your license


reckon about 5-8 minutes before someone calls me out on this


Have easy access to 7 different wigs


still waiting on her sausage bum party aren’t we?


with a man in the white house? not likely


Are we?


Jokes on you: it’s just the child lock that’s fucked, and I’ve got no reason whatsoever to have a child in the back of the car.

No Yewtree jokes, please.


I was awarded both the “Thank You” and “Appreciated” badges on DiS today.


Hero Moeen on 89 runs.


I am going to the pub this evening.


There’s nothing wrong with ‘some girl’, buster.


I just got promoted.

Going to be my previous equivalent’s boss and also a new starter. Pretty fucking awkward but good news nonetheless.


Going to have steak sandwiches for dinner, just decided right now thanks to this thread forcing me into thinking of something good.


Alright, Trump.