Thread for posting any and all good news for today

I also got the Respected badge! Great day for wr, if you ignore the state of the world in general I mean


We’ll call it a draw overall.

Treating husband to dinner at our favourite pub this eve, which is opposite the flat we’re in the process of buying.

Also it’s snowing and I’m listening to Tycho’s new album while working at home which is nice seeing as I’ve been up for around 28 hours now after watching all of Amerexit

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need to get the green light from our resident colourer-inner before feeling completely safe on this one, dude

Got a free trial of a veg box delivered this morning. It looks good. Got one of those christmas tree cauliflowers in.

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what’s in the box?
how much is the usual charge for box?

no further questions, m’lady

They accidentally gave me a large coffee rather than a small coffee at the coffee shop this morning, but I was charged for a small one. This good news was tempered by the fact that when I walked through Barbican, a drop of water came of a weird overhanging bit and right onto the hole in the cup and presumably into the coffee, along with whatever grossness it had.

I still drank it though.

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what this

I pictured this but it’s actually a broccoli, so I don’t know what meo’s thing is.

That stuff freaks me the hell out though.


Giving Atrocity Exhibition by Danny Brown a spin: it’s quality. Everything with that title is brilliant.

except the election


big box of miniature heroes in the office

  • Miniature heroes
  • Roses
  • Celebrations
  • Other

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fucking great album innit

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He just said ‘this is the way, step inside’! Loving the beat selection - weird and spacey, reminds me of Tricky.

Here is a picture of a bear looking at a kid in a bear costume.


Keep yer eye out for woodcocks, loads about at the mo.

roses are well brexit

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violets are blue

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Top birds and an amusing name! What’s not to like?

My cursed overdrive pedal has been delivered to a neighbour. Now I can finally get to work on the seven minute bass only protest song that will sort this whole thing out.