Thread for posting in every time you're listening to The Smashing Pumpkins



I can’t hear this song without thinking of this thread


Just listened to today and it did nothing for me


I am listening to ‘Why Am I So Tired’ studio demo, 15 minute guns blazing blistering guitar work from ‘Pisces Iscariot’ deluxe.

I feeling very much in a mood for some slow start massive crescendo building tunes like ‘Soma’, ‘Mayonaise’, ‘By Starlight’, ‘Rhinoceros’ at the moment.


Well just played ‘Rhinoceros’ and was going to skip right to ‘Soma’ but took a pee and ‘Bury Me’ kept rolling, ‘Gish’ it is then! Haven’t heard full album in a bit…


BTW when did all these deluxe editions pop up on Spotify? Don’t remember seeing these on here about a month ago. Might get lost in a Pumpkins wormhole tonight…


think they come and go


So, the gradual exploration continues…

  1. Siamese Dream - surprised (pleasantly) by how shoe-gazey this was. Couple of belters. Can see it becoming a regular thing

  2. Mellon Collie… - the magnum opus, as far as msmj and top 100s would have it. I can see why… but… I think if I’d dived into this as an angsty teen, it would be in my all time top 10. As it stands I never really gave it time during that crucial period - some obvious standouts, but overall I don’t think I’m on the right wavelength to really ‘get’ the whole album (as a relatively well adjusted functioning adult with two kids), even if I can admire it as the opus it so clearly is.

See also (for contrast) ‘The Fragile’ by NIN, which I was obsessed with as a teemager - I think if I listened for the first time now I’d have the above reaction, but itnsnucl through in the critical window and embedded in my soul forever.


Gish is way, way underrated. Can’t understand how anyone who loves Siamese Dream can think of Gish as anything less than a 9/10 album (FWIW, it’s 10/10 in my book)


Gish is pretty borng and uneventful


Pardon? I’m having trouble understanding you.


I just find a bit lacklustre, probably a production thing, I do like some of the mellow psychedelia though. I am one is probably their worst song


I am one IS rubbish. Snail though…


I am listening to the smashing pumpkins again after going through ‘gish’ and ‘siamese dream’ deluxe editions yeaterday for 3 hours. Onto ‘mellon collie’ deluxe. Billy and the bunch got me in a wormhole…


It’s the most electrifying debut of all time!


That’s “Nevermind”, surely?


Got this poster might put on my wall one day


I’d agree with that, I know in part my obsession with Mellon Collie was because it was such a formative album for me, but it’s not like any album would have resonated like that back then so I still think it is more than nostalgia, and feel quite lucky I was the perfect age to find that album


amazingly I have still never done this.
should I?

  • yeah duh
  • I’d prefer if you didn’t

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A good starting place is reading the entire ‘Billy Corgan Can’t Be Stopped’ thread


And don’t forget The Video to Ava Adore, the precursor of things to come. Such talent can’t be confined to a single thread.