Thread for posting in every time you're listening to The Smashing Pumpkins



Sorted out all my cds at my parents house, never listened to the Judas O bonus disc that came with the best of , obviously it is excellent and there is some stuff I had never heard before, and some of the ones I had heard are far better versions

Also found the zwan bonus dvd, can’t remember what’s on it


Irritatingly short clips of songs that never came out




I’m listening to Karen O’s version of Bullet With Butterfly Wings


Its awful


Spent my whole break today designing perfect 10 track Adore albums (and a mellon collie style Adore double album). I do this about once a month…still not got it right


was disappointed adore wasn’t on spotify the other day, had to listen to gish instead. weird album that i’ve never given much attention, it has some great stuff on it, when there was the remnants of their goth beginnings, but with a dreaminess and psychedelic tinge, then there are loads of bad ‘riffy’ grunge songs, would love a full album of good gish


Fuck. Gonna have to try that now. Theres about 40 odd songs from before/during Gish era that would make a pretty good double too!!! Chucking Starla, Drown and Glynis on Gish in place of I am One, Bury Me (although i like that one!!) and Tristessa would make it much dreamier and less knuckleheaded


Wtfff why is adore off Spotify :neutral_face:


Not sure but that suggests you actually aren’t listening to Billly and the gang, and really shouldn’t be posting in this thread at thr moment.


I’m currently listening to a pistachio medely


Billy probably removed it to spite someone who called it a 4/5 album


It’s about a 3/5 because of the second track that makes me want to die inside


Ava Adore? The verse is a little schlocky but the chorus lifts off. Really don’t like the ‘whore’ line, ruins an otherwise nice sentiment. Saw on instagram once someone named their kid after it, that felt weird considering


Would call a kid Starla though


Great song. Up there with their very best.


I also love the fast, heavy ones on Gish, especially live. Siva would probably be in my top five to hear at a show. There’s really nothing like heavy Pumpkins.


I like how we basically have a “listening to The Smashing Pumpkins” thread, “discussion of The Smashing Pumpkins music” thread, and “The Smashing Pumpkins vs. the world” thread, and that they keep blending together because everyone’s so excited about The Smashing Pumpkins that they can’t contain themselves.


I am listening to Karen O. The bullet with butterfly :butterfly: wings riff sounds good on synth